Bars and Night Clubs In Delano, CA

3 Bars and Night Clubs found
Aldo's Lounge
1225 Airport Dr, Delano CA 93215,
(661) 721-7500
Atmosphere: Club
Carlo's Place
710 High St, Delano CA 93215,
(661) 725-1398
Atmosphere: Bar
El Rancho Grande
720 Fremont St, Delano CA 93215,
(661) 725-6589
Atmosphere: Lounge

Map of Delano Bars


A = Aldo's Lounge
B = Carlo's Place
C = El Rancho Grande

Non Local Bars and Night Clubs

  • O T 1120 California 46, Wasco, CA
    Lounge - 11 Miles
  • Tommie's 914 7th St, Wasco, CA
    Lounge - 12 Miles
  • LA Gardenia 18830 Mannel Ave, Shafter, CA
    Lounge - 16 Miles
  • Foxy Lady 308 State Ave, Shafter, CA
    Lounge - 17 Miles
  • Sam's Hoot N Holler 9567 Road 256, Terra Bella, CA
    Lounge - 19 Miles
  • Vi's 14145 Rosedale Hwy, Bakersfield, CA
    Lounge - 26 Miles
  • Randolph's Lounge & Nightclub 7737 Meany Ave, Bakersfield, CA
    Bar,Club,Live Music,Lounge - 26 Miles
  • Shooters 1200 S Main St, Porterville, CA
    Bar - 23 Miles
  • Pour House 4041 Fruitvale Ave, Bakersfield, CA
    Lounge - 26 Miles
  • Del Rio Cocktail Lounge 5840 State Rd, Bakersfield, CA
    Lounge - 25 Miles
  • Banackes Lounge 4601 State Rd, Bakersfield, CA
    Lounge - 25 Miles
  • Tommy's Lounge 1742 E Tulare Ave, Tulare, CA
    Bar,Lounge - 31 Miles
* Mileage is approximate.

Random Fun Fact

There were 10,713 housing units at an average density of 746.3 per square mile (288.1/km), of which 5,764 (56.2%) were owner-occupied, and 4,496 (43.8%) were occupied by renters. Delano is located at 354608N 1191449W / 35.76889N 119.24694W / 35.76889; -119.24694. Delano was a major hub of farmworker organization efforts and Chicano movement politics. Filipino immigrants Philip Vera Cruz and Larry Dulay Itliong were as instrumental in shaping the direction of farm worker organizing in the 1950s. On September 8, 1965,Larry Itliong and other Filipino leaders led the predominantly Filipino Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee (AWOC) in a "walk off" from table grape farms, now known as the Delano grape strike. The strikers' goal was to improve farmworkers' wages and working conditions. The National Farm Workers' Association (NFWA), a largely Hispanic union led by Cesar Chavez, joined the strike within a week. During the strike, the two groups joined forces and formed the United Farm Workers of America (UFW). By 1970, the UFW won a contract with major grape growers across California.

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