Bars and Night Clubs In Holtville, CA

3 Bars and Night Clubs found
Bobby J's
460 Holt Ave, Holtville CA 92250,
(760) 356-2276
Atmosphere: Lounge
Costales Bar
1296 Mets Rd, Holtville CA 92250,
(760) 356-1815
Atmosphere: Bar
470 Holt Ave, Holtville CA 92250,
(760) 356-1626
Atmosphere: Bar

Map of Holtville Bars


A = Bobby J's
B = Costales Bar
C = Punkey's

Non Local Bars and Night Clubs

  • El Rancho Grande 445 E Main St, El Centro, CA
    Bar - 8 Miles
  • Zebra's Cocktails & More 2354 S 4th St, El Centro, CA
    Lounge - 9 Miles
  • Blue Melon Sports Bar 845 Adams Ave, El Centro, CA
    Bar - 10 Miles
  • Wagon Wheel Bar 545 S Imperial Ave, Calexico, CA
    Bar - 10 Miles
  • Desert Club 1914 Haskell Rd, Seeley, CA
    Bar - 17 Miles
  • Waves Restaurant & Saloon 621 S Brawley Ave, Brawley, CA
    Club - 15 Miles
  • Karin's Yuma 2401 W 8th St, Yuma, AZ
    Bar - 43 Miles
  • Topper Club 830 S Magnolia Ave, Yuma, AZ
    Bar - 43 Miles
  • Western Club 2545 W 16th St, Yuma, AZ
    Bar - 43 Miles
* Mileage is approximate.

Random Fun Fact

The city's major civic event is the annual Carrot Festival, held in late January or early February. It usually features a parade, a carnival and other activities over a 10-day period. Holtville was famous in the mid 20th century with having the Holtville "Carrot Festival" but was confused with the "Coachella Valley" name from Bugs Bunny animated shorts in the 1940s when he reads the map seeking a "Carrot Festival". The old U.S. Route 80 once ran along Fifth Street through the center of town. A small obelisk in Holt Park, just north of Fifth Street, gives the distances to various points to the north, east and west.

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