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Y Saloon
32743 California 18, Lucerne Valley CA 92356,
(760) 248-7886
Atmosphere: Lounge

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A = Y Saloon

Non Local Bars and Night Clubs

  • Frogee's 21820 Us Highway 18, Apple Valley, CA
    Lounge - 14 Miles
  • Wendy's 9297 G Ave, Hesperia, CA
    - 19 Miles
  • Dog House Saloon 17099 Main St-2, Hesperia, CA
    Bar - 19 Miles
  • Mother Lode 11975 Hesperia Rd, Hesperia, CA
    Lounge - 19 Miles
  • Los Mayas Bar & Grill 13261 Spring Valley Pkwy-102, Victorville, CA
    Bar - 18 Miles
  • Marina Lounge 13295 Spring Valley Pkwy, Victorville, CA
    Bar,Lounge - 18 Miles
  • Mr V's Sports Bar & Grill 12249 Hesperia Rd, Victorville, CA
    Bar,Lounge - 19 Miles
  • Joshua Inn 6224 Arrowhead Lake Rd, Hesperia, CA
    Bar - 17 Miles
  • Gee Spot 16074 Walnut St, Hesperia, CA
    Bar - 20 Miles
  • Draper's Sports Bar & Grill 19123 Us Highway 18, Apple Valley, CA
    Bar - 18 Miles
  • Mickey Mc Gee's 13728 Hesperia Rd, Victorville, CA
    Bar - 20 Miles
  • Linas Bar 14298 Hesperia Rd, Victorville, CA
    Lounge - 20 Miles
* Mileage is approximate.

Random Fun Fact

Lucerne Valley was settled and named in 1897 by James Goulding and his family,[self-published source?] who found the desert valley to be an excellent place to raise alfalfa, also known as lucerne. The closest water source at the time was Cushenbury Springs (currently a cement plant in the southeast of the area) which used to feed out by alluvial drainage after winter from the San Bernardino Mountains.[citation needed] The waterflow for the entire valley is fed this way through underground Artesian wells.[self-published source?]. Lucerne Valley is located 19 miles east of Apple Valley and 20 miles downhill north of Big Bear in the southern reaches of the Mojave Desert. It is surrounded by several mountain ranges which include the Granite mountain range, the Ord mountain range, and the San Bernardino mountain range. The heart of Lucerne Valley is located on the crossroads of State Route 247 (Old Woman Springs Road / Barstow Road) and State Route 18. Yucca Valley lies 45 miles east via Route 247/Old Woman Springs Road. In San Bernardino County, Lucerne Valley's area is also identified as County Service Area 29. . Today, Lucerne Valley is an agricultural/mining-based community, with Mitsubishi Cement, Specialty Minerals (formerly Pfizer), and OMYA (formerly Pluess-Staufer) as its major contractors digging into the North Face of the San Bernardino Mountain Range.[citation needed] Lucerne Valley also has a state-sponsored water reclamation project, where treated wastewater from Big Bear and Holcomb Valley is transported via pipeline and used to irrigate alfalfa farms on the eastern edge of the valley. .

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