Below you’ll find some of the most fun cocktail recipes and cocktail information. There’s detailed information about the right drink ingredients, use of cocktail shakers, info on alcohol drinks, and lots of alcoholic drink recipes. Click on the drink name below or the mixer on the right to make the perfect alcoholic drink or virgin drink. Check out the bottom of each recipe for a little non sequitur trivia and fun facts.

Cocktail Drink Recipes

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Grab your best drink shaker, scan a drink recipes, sit back and relax with your cocktail! Cocktails are part neat alcohol and some part other yummy ingredients. They display a beautiful blend of taste and colors of their ingredients. Cocktails can be served either with or without alcohol (virgin and non-virgin). Cocktails or Mixed drinks can be made with various alcohol drinks like vodka, tequila, whisky, rum, gin, and even beer mixed with flavored syrups and juices.

Warning: Alcoholism is one of modern society’s greatest problems. If you think you or a loved one may have a problem with alcohol, seek advice and treatment. There are many programs available and some are at no cost. Alcoholism has ruined the lives of many people and many families. If you are under the legal drinking age and viewing this page, please click this link.