A Curious Feeling Cocktail Recipe

Can you imagine what was going through someone’s head when they thought up this recipe? Yeah, beefeater, bitters, Kahlua, uh need one more thing. Hmm, Clamato Juice, perfect! What about orange juice? Okay. Ouch, too tart, add sugar. Don’t have any but we have brown sugar. That’ll work. Famous bartender Rodney Simmons created this drink in honor of the new millennium.

If you have a curious feeling about what a bunch of random ingredients would taste like blended together, make this drink recipe.

A Curious Feeling Cocktail Ingredients

A Curious Feeling Cocktail Drink Recipe

  1. Combine dry gin
  2. Bitters
  3. Coffee liqueur
  4. Orange juice in a mixing glass
  5. Stir
  6. Decant contents into a microwave-safe container
  7. Microwave for 30 seconds
  8. Add ice to a blender
  9. Pour contents of container into it
  10. Add clamato juice
  11. Add brown sugar
  12. Close container
  13. Turn blender on
  14. When mixture has the consistency of a frozen drink, pour into highball glass
  15. Garnish with straw, a dash of kosher salt, and peppermint leaves.

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