Black Velvet Drink Recipe

A Black Velvet shows both parts of your personality: the football watching, beer-drinking side and its classy, champagne-drinking counterpart. Plus, if you are already half-drunk, you can still make a Black Velvet drink.

Black Velvet Ingredients

  • 3/4 pint Guinness
  • 1/4 pint champagne

Black Velvet Directions

  1. Pour Guinness in a tall glass or tumbler and top it off with champagne

Non Sequitur

“Black Velvet” is a rock song written by Canadian musicians David Tyson and Christopher Ward, and recorded by Canadian singer Alannah Myles in 1989. It became a number one hit for two weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in 1990 and reached number one on the Album Rock Tracks chart, as well as number one in Canada and number two in the UK Singles Chart.

Black Velvet Whiskey is a Canadian whiskey brand owned by Constellation Brands. It has a strong taste and is known for its black labeling. It is a ‘whiskey mix’ meaning that it is a blend of various whiskies. Black Velvet was produced at Schenley Industries in Valleyfield, Quebec, Canada, and has been in operation since 1945. Schenley’s Black Velvet DeLuxe was the only liquor available to submarine officers at Midway in World War II, where it was held in low regard and known as “Schenley’s Black Death.

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