Bloody Mary Extra Hairy

If you like a Bloody Mary and want to kick it up try a Blood Mary Extra Hairy.

Blood Mary Extra Hairy Ingredients

Blood Mary Extra Hairy Drink Recipe

  1. shake all parts except celery in a martini or cocktail shaker with ice
  2. strain into glass with ice and garnish with stalk of celery
  3. can optionally add olives
  4. cocktail onions
  5. lemon/lime wedge

Non Sequitur

The Bloody Mary legend, or myth, is based on the story that if the Bloody Mary of Legend was summoned this would unleash an evil spirit from the past. In the Bloody Mary legend the ghost or spirit of Bloody Mary could be summoned by chanting "Bloody Mary!" into a mirror in a dark room lit only by a candle. The evil spirit unleashed in the form of Bloody Mary might perform any number of terrifying acts from bloody murder to abduction. The Bloody Mary Legend and myth has the power to spark the imagination and her story is used as a basis for the ghost stories told to frighten any listeners. Re-enacting the Bloody Mary Legend enables people to satisfy their craving for excitement by participating in scary ritual games in the dark.

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