Cotillion Cocktail

This is a party drink and it’ll get the party started! You probably have the ingredients for this one in your bar. Give it a try and see if you like it.

You and your hot date will be dancin' after a Cotillion or two. The ingredients might seem strange but it's pretty good.

Cotillion Cocktail Ingredients

Cotillion Cocktail Drink Recipe

  1. fill a cocktail (drink) shaker with fresh ice
  2. add all ingredients/li>
  3. vigorously shake until cold
  4. strain into a cocktail glass

Non Sequitur

The Cotillion is a type of patterned social dance that originated in France in the 18th century and was originally made up of four couples in a square formation, the forerunner of the quadrille; in the United States the square dance, where the "figures" are called aloud by the caller, is a form of rural contredanse that also descended from the urban cotillion. Its name, from French cotillon, "petticoat", reflected the flash of petticoats as the changing partners turned.

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