Edible Panties

This drink is tart and very good…if you like that kind of thing.

Does anyone really ever eat Edible Panties? Which is correct, red or white wine, for edible panties?

Edible Panties Ingredients

Edible Panties Drink Recipe

  1. add all ingredients listed above into a cocktail glass
  2. stir and serve with or without straw

Non Sequitur

The invention of edible underwear by David Sanderson and Lee Brady[1] originated in a 1975 late night conversation among friends sophomorically discussing colloquialisms in the English language, specifically a high school jock phrase "eat my shorts!" The inventors started the company Cosmorotics, Inc. to manufacture and market edible underwear under the name “candypants, the original 100% edible underwear.”

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