Flamingo Squeezer Cocktail

The Flamingo Squeezer is a fun drink to serve at a party or anytime.

Flamingo Squeezer Ingredients

Flamingo Squeezer Drink Recipe

  1. squeeze the juice of the orange into an empty drink shaker
  2. add rum
  3. add cream of coconut and grenadine
  4. shake well
  5. fill pint glass with ice
  6. pour the shaker contents over the ice
  7. place a tiny plastic pink flamingo on the rim and serve with a straw

Non Sequitur

There are six different types of flamingos that range from Africa to Europe to Asia to South America and the Caribbean. They live in shallow lakes, lagoons, swamps, and areas where the ocean mixes with fresh water.

The beta-carotene in their diets which comes mostly from algae and shrimps gives their feathers that famous pink color. They eat by dipping their beak upside down into mud and water and then filtering out the mud and water until just the food is left.

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