Kahlua Martini

This is a great after dinner martini. It’s a great sipping drink at the bar or for a night of socializing.

This is a simple dump in the parts and stir kind of drink. You make it even after you've had a few. Enjoy.

Kahlua Martini Ingredients

Kahlua Martini Drink Recipe

  1. pour Kahlua and vodka into an old-fashioned glass half-filled with ice add good quality coffee
  2. stir

Non Sequitur

Kahlua is a rich, dark brown coffee liqueur made from the finest Mexican coffee, with fine cane spirits and a hint of vanilla. It also contains sugar, corn syrup and vodka, and has a thicker body than most other alcoholic beverages. 1936 marks the year chemist Senor Bianco adds the Arabic beans from two brothers named Alvarez to his liqueur recipe. This was the beginning of the recipe used today by the Kahlua brand

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