Long Tall Cowboy Cocktail

There really was a long Tall Cowboy named Ralph E. Madsen. He grew to be 7 foot 6 inches. At the time he was the tallest man in the U.S. Maybe the Long Tall Cowboy cocktail recipe was made in his honor.

Being a tall drink make it in a Collins glass. Butterscotch and Bailey's is oh so good.

Long Tall Cowboy Cocktail Ingredients

Long Tall Cowboy Cocktail Drink Recipe

  1. With cocktail shaker firmly place on bar or counter
  2. Fill with aice
  3. Add Schnapps
  4. Add Bailey's Irish Cream
  5. Add fresh milk (whole milk preferred)
  6. Shake well
  7. Strain into a long frosted glass such as collins or highball glass.

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