Louisville Slugger Cocktail

Have a few of Louisville Slugger cocktails and you'll feel like you were hit with a bat.

Louisville Slugger Ingredients

Louisville Slugger Drink Recipe

  1. add ice to drink shaker
  2. add all liquid to shaker
  3. shake ingredients in
  4. strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with a twist of lemon

Non Sequitur

Since the earliest days of the game, baseball's top players and teams have consistently turned to one name in bats: Louisville Slugger. Legendary players from Ty Cobb to Babe Ruth to Hank Aaron all earned their places in baseball history using Louisville Slugger. Today, Louisville Slugger continues to dominate the game at every level of play.

As the Official Bat of Major League Baseball, Louisville Slugger is the choice of more than 60% of all Major League players, including Derek Jeter and A-Rod. And on the college level, more national championships have been won with Louisville Slugger TPX than with any other bat.

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