Midnight Caip

You have your work cut out for you to make this one. There are many steps but if you are up to the challenge than it’s work it. The Mignight Caip recipe is long and has some unusual ingredients but if you pull it off, it’s amazing.

This cocktail as 9 steps which is about 7 or 8 too many for most people. If you are up to the task and have a few minutes on your hands, give it a try. The original drink invented by a Greg Bale,a bartender in Brighton, UK.

Midnight Caip Ingredients

Midnight Caip Drink Recipe

  1. Cut 8 lime cubes (no peel)
  2. Add two barspoons of sugar
  3. Muddle limes and sugar
  4. Add two barspoons of Honey
  5. Add 1 shot of espresso
  6. Mix well
  7. Allowing for espresso to cool
  8. Add CRUSHED ice to top of glass
  9. Add 2 oz of Cachaca over the ice
  10. Mix or shake thoroughky.

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