Missle Pop Recipe

The fastest Missile (not Missle) is the ICBM that traveled at mach 23 or 15,000 MPH. Hopefully, the crew who had their finger on the button to fire the ICBM didn’t have a Missle Pop cocktail during their shift. If they had, the cold war might have ended differently.

You may be asking yourself why there is a goat attached to this recipe. And, you’d be right. Have a couple Missle Pop cocktails and it’ll all makes sense.

This is a basic fruity punch cocktail drink for one recipe.

Missle Pop Ingredients

Missle Pop Drink Recipe

  1. Fill an old fashioned or rocks glass with ice
  2. Add vodka
  3. Add pineapple juice
  4. Add fruit punch
  5. Fill with orange juice.

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