Party Gras

The Party Gras is a great party drink with 151 rum, melon liqueur, coconut rum, and pineapple. It’s a nice change from the Bahama Mama cocktail.

The Party Gras recipe is served in a hurricane glass so make a bunch of it at a time. It becomes very popular. It goes down easy and is great for a tail gate party or any summer get together.

Party Gras Ingredients

Party Gras Drink Recipe

  1. fill a mixing shaker with ice
  2. pour the rum
  3. add melon liqueur
  4. addcoconut rum
  5. add pineapple juice
  6. shake to chill
  7. pour into a hurricane glass (ice optional)
  8. top it with a splash of orange juice
  9. float a swirl of grenadine on top
  10. garnish with an orange and cherry

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