Preacher’s Hot Daughter Cocktail

Use this drink to meet a hot date.

Follow this recipe to make a Preacher's Hot Daughter cocktail.

Preacher's Hot Daughter Ingredients

Preacher's Hot Daughter Drink Recipe

  1. mix mango rum over ice
  2. fill with orange juice
  3. drop in a couple of dashes of grenadine

Non Sequitur

Preacher's Daughter Syndrome: An affliction (usually affecting young females, though some US politicians have confirmed cases) that is the result of overprotective, usually Christian upbringing. Due to being taught that everything is sinful, upon reaching the age of puberty and learning of unwholesome activities for the first time, sufferers have no common sense on the issue. This results in sexual promiscuity, drug dependence, shallow personality, and other personality defects.

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