Road Runner Drink Recipe

The Road Runner Drink is very simple drink and easy to throw together. Adjust the amount of coconut cream to taste. Cut down the portions to make this drink a shooter.

Road Runner Ingredients

  • 1 oz vodka
  • 1/2 oz Amaretto
  • coconut cream

Road Runner Directions

  1. combine ingredients in blender with half-scoop crushed ice
  2. dip rim of chilled Champagne flute with slice of orange
  3. pour into flute
  4. garnish with fresh grated nutmeg on top

Non Sequitur

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Animation director Chuck Jones created the Road Runner, an extremely speedy bird that literally runs on roads in the U.S. southwestern desert, in 1948. Together with writers Tedd Pierce and Michael Maltese, Jones paired the road-running fowl with a hungry coyote, later given the name of Wile E., who has an overweening belief in his own ingenuity and in scientific methods and instruments of ACME Corporation design for use in his constant pursuit of the elusive, fast bird.

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