Rum Aid Margaria Recipe

There’s been Farm Aid, Band Aid, Kool-Aid, and many others. It’s about time there’s a Rum Aid. This recipe is for true lovers of rum in all of it’s various flavors.

If you like rum, this is your drink. With three types of rum, it will surely be very satisfying. And/or, get you hammered. Look out for pirates.

Rum Aid Margaria Ingredients

Rum Aid Margaria Drink Recipe

  1. Using a drink shaker
  2. Add well frozen ice
  3. Add 151 rum
  4. Add Malibu rum
  5. Add More rum (and even more rum if you like)
  6. Add Grand Marnier
  7. Add Sour mix
  8. Skake
  9. Strain into Margarita glass
  10. Garnish with a slice of lemon.

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