Slaughtering the Slothman

It’s come to this…Slaughter The Slothman. If you’re not too “lazy”. Make this recipe and enjoy a great drink. (Sloth is a deadly sin about being lazy, in case you were wondering…you probably weren’t.)

The poor Slothman has been killed more times than he'd like. Make this cocktail and slaughter him again. He won't mind, he's used to it.

Slaughtering the Slothman Ingredients

Slaughtering the Slothman Drink Recipe

  1. You'll need to stuff a drink shaker with ice
  2. Add Grand Marnier, orange Curacao
  3. Add freshly squeezed lemon juice
  4. Add dash of grenadine
  5. Shake to make cold
  6. Strain into old fashioned glass.

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