The Ooze drink recipe

Little know fact: Mezcal has the worm in the bottle, tequila doesn’t. If your Ooze cocktail has a worm in it, give it to the guy next to you.

The ooze is a great name for this drink recipe. It's not bland, that's for sure.

The Ooze drink recipe Ingredients

The Ooze drink recipe Drink Recipe

  1. If you cannot find the prescribed soda, try Apple fanta, or Lemon Lime Solo
  2. It is important that your drink looks like it could mutate turtles
  3. Mix tequila
  4. Add vodka
  5. Add Sour Monkey in a cocktail shaker with ice
  6. Shake to chill
  7. Pour a few fingers of Lime cordial into a Hurricane glass half full of ice
  8. Strain mix from cocktial shaker over it
  9. Fill the rest of the glass with Sueno soda (or a similar citrus based soda)
  10. The drink should now be a toxic green and smell of pure gasoline.

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