Sangria Drink Recipe

  • 1 bottle dry red white (or white)
  • 1 oz brandy
  • 1 oz triple sec or curacao
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • cold club soda
  • sliced orange fruit
  • sliced lime
  • chunked pineapple

Sangria can also made with a bottle of red winem 6oz sparkling water, chopped fruit, sugar and water. (10 servings)


Sangria Drink Recipe Directions

  1. in large pitcher or bowl add wine, brandy, triple sec sugar and fruit
  2. stir well to disolve sugar
  3. refrigerate overnight
  4. when ready to serve, add club soda
  5. sweeten to taste

Non Sequitur

Sangria sounds a little like Santaria
Santeria Defined: A combination of religious traditions or beliefs that combines a similar African traditional religion. Santeria originated in the country of Cuba and Brazil. This religion is a combination of the traditional Yoruba faith and the worship of catholic saints.
Santeria or “La Regla Lucumm” as it’s also known originated in the region of west Africa. “La Regla Lucumm” is the traditional faith of the Yoruba inhabitants. This religion sprung from the traditional slave trades that occurred in early days of the religion. The Yoruban natives were abducted from their country and unwillingly transported to the Caribbean countries of Cuba, Haiti and Brazil, Trinidad, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic among other Caribbean islands.

The Yoruba people were abducted and transported to these islands without regard for the beliefs, traditions or their lives but the abductors failed to realize that the inner faith and passion that was within the hearts of these people were very powerful and no abductors had control over their faith. These people brought with them their traditions, their souls and the powerful faith in their deities

When they arrived at their Caribbean destinations they were unwillingly baptized within the Roman Catholic Faith and forced to leave behind all of their traditional beliefs and practices. These people were resourceful, intelligent, committed and appreciative to their Santeria Religion that they managed to come up with a creative way to fuse and conceal their beliefs within the Roman Catholic Church by choosing a catholic saint and associating the Saint to each of the Orisha of their traditional practices.

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