Stanley Cocktail Drink Recipe

The Stanley Steamer is a simple but tasty drink that is often served in a martini glass. It goes down easy and super easy to make. Make in a larger batch and serve to a bigger group.

  • 1/2 oz lemon juice
  • 1 tsp grenadine
  • 3/4 oz gin
  • 1/4 oz light rum
  • ice

Stanley Cocktail Drink Recipe Directions

  1. Add lemon juice to mixed drink shaker
  2. add grenadine
  3. add gin
  4. add light rum
  5. shake well until cold
  6. strain into martini glass

Non Sequitur

Stanley Steamer, a toast to the Stanley Steamer
Steam cars unitize an external combustion (Rankine cycle) engine where the fuel source is consumed external to the engine. A steam boiler generates vast quantities of power for later use on demand unlike the internal combustion (Otto cycle) engine that must develop the needed power on demand. A Stanley steam engine provides four power impulses per crankshaft rotation similar to an 8-cylinder internal combustion engine. However, the power is applied uniformly for a longer length of the stroke than the hammer-like explosions common to gasoline or diesel engines. This provides the steam engine an advantage of more torque in a smaller package over what can be generated with a gasoline engine of equivalent rating.
Stanley steamers generate steam in drum shaped boilers ranging from 14″ to 30″ in diameter and from 14″ to 18″ in height. Similar to a battery the Stanley boiler stores steam energy for later use on demand. Unique in their design, no Stanley boiler has ever been documented to explode. The circular boiler walls are strengthened with three layers of exceptionally strong piano wire to provide sidewall strength unequalled in boiler designs for similar ratings. The use of between 500 and 1,000 fire tubes not only efficiently transfers heat to the water, they provide a structural strength to the boiler ends. Operated nominally at 600 PSIG, boilers were factory tested to twice operating pressure before being placed in a car.

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