gin Drink Recipes

Leg spreader

Ingredients: vodka, tequila, rum, gin [Recipe...]

Gin Highball
Long Beach Ice Tea Gent Of The Jury
Gin And Sin Ginananas
Gila Monster Bermuda Cocktail
Java Cooler Cooperstown Cocktail
Pineau Martini recipe Casino Royale drink recipe
Skylab Fallout Cocktail Recipe Matinee drink recipe
Leg Spreader #3 Recipe Darb Cocktail recipe
Alabama Fizz Recipe Surf City Lifesaver recipe
Flash Gordon Cocktail recipe Bramble Cocktail
Major Bailey Recipe H.P.W. Cocktail
Duck Fuck Shooter

Ingredients: vodka, gin, Beer [Recipe...]

The Marvin Cocktail
Gin-ger-ale Drink Recipe

Ingredients: ginger ale, gin [Recipe...]

Maiden’s Dream Recipe
Other Original Singapore Sling Emerson Drink Recipe
Royal Fizz Crystal Slipper Cocktail Recipe
The Maxim Cocktail Recipe Original Singapore Sling
Maiden’s Prayer #2 Honolulu Cocktail #2
Gin Cocktail Floradora Cooler
Hurricane #2 Recipe Arctic Summer
Bahamas Highball Earthquake Cocktail

Ingredients: whiskey, pernod, gin [Recipe...]

Winston Martini Baby Fingers Cocktail
Chase Manhattan Cocktail Buttock Clencher
Tie Me To The Bedpost Baby Liquid Panty Dropper
Boomerang Martini Hard Dick Cocktail
Wonder Bra Cocktail First Love Cocktail
Hot College Chick Cocktail Moose Hummer Shooter
Yang Martini Smokey Martini

Ingredients: scotch, gin [Recipe...]

Connecticut Bulldog Cocktail Green Martini
Desperate Martini Recipe French Bulldog Drink Recipe
Stanley Cocktail Drink Recipe Dundee Mixed Drink Recipe
Pink Panther Mixed Drink Recipe Zamboanga Hummer Drink Recipe
Depth Charge Drink Recipe

Ingredients: pernod, lillet, gin [Recipe...]

Club Cocktail Drink Recipe
Pollyanna Drink Recipe Hot Gin Toddy

Ingredients: gin [Recipe...]

Long Island Ice-T Cocktail Recipe London Buck Recipe

Ingredients: ginger ale, gin [Recipe...]

Sloe Gin Fizz Cocktail Recipe