Bullshit Drinking Game

To Play Bullshit

You need: A deck of cards and 3+ people

Bullshit setup

All of the cards are distributed to each player until all of the cards are gone.

Bullshit Rules

1. Starting with aces, the first player lays down the number of aces face down that they have and says the number of cards.If the player doesn’t have any of that card, they can lie. If any other player thinks they are lying, they say “Bullshit!”

2. If someone thinks they are lying, they say “Bullshit!” If that person is right, you drink an amount proportional to the number of cards in the stack. If lots of cards have already been played = lots of drinking. If you were honest in your play and someone says “Bullshit!” that person ends up drinking the prescribed amount.

3. Play starts with aces, then goes on accordingly, through kings, then repeats back to aces.

Note: If the play has to drink because of either being caught bullshitting or falsely accusing, in addition to drinking, you must also pick up all of the cards already played and add them to your hand.

4. Bullshit play continues until someone runs out of cards, passes out or everyone wants to play a different drinking game. If you so choose, play could continue down to the last two players.

Looks like someone isn’t good at playing bullshit…and lying

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