Moose Hummer Shooter

This cocktail has a lot of liquor in it. If you drink too many of these you’ll feel like a moose!

You need to be tough like a Moose to do a couple Moose Hummer shots.

Moose Hummer Ingredients

Moose Hummer Drink Recipe

  1. shake ingredients in a shaker with ice
  2. strain into shot glasses

Non Sequitur

Moose can be found in forested areas with lakes or ponds, streams and swamps, i.e., moist conditions. Coniferous and young mixed forests are their home. Snow cover in the winter up to 60-70cm can be seen as standard Moose habitat is determined by temperatures. Moose prefer zones where the summer average is around 15ºC and does not exceed 27ºC for long. The reason for this temperature dependency: They cannot sweat and they produce additional heat by fermentation in their gut.

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