Shark Bite Drink Recipe

A Shark Bite cocktail makes OJ taste a lot better. Too many of these and you’ll think you were bitten by a great white.

Shark Bite Cocktail Directions

Shark Bite Cocktail Directions

  1. add ice, dark rum, orange juice, sour mix, and grenadine to blender
  2. blend until smooth
  3. fill goblet glass
  4. serve with a straw

Non Sequitur

Great White Sharks
Size: up to 21 feet
Teeth: 3000!
Deaths since 1876: 65
Non fatel injuries: 242
The West Coast of America, is renowned as the Shark Attack capital of the world for Great Whites. The west coast has had 96 recorded non fatal attacks and 8 fatal sharke bites.
Australia, while not experiencing as many Great White attacks, does hold the most fatalities! 45 recorded attacks and 27 fatal shark bites.
South Africa ranks second for Great White attacks with 49 recorded attacks and 8 fatal shark bites. Many people survive shark attacks. The key to surviving is to not get attacked in the first place. Avoid looking like a wounded seal and you’re less likely to get attacked.

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