Hot Drinks

When it starts to get a little cold outside the natural tendency is to grab a nice hot drink but it doesn’t have to be freezing to enjoy a hot drink pick-me-up. People drink coffee and hot chocolate year-round, why not a nice hot apple cider, hot toddy, Irish coffee, or even a coffee spiced up with your favorite liquor.

Another great way to enjoy a hot drink is by having an after dinner drink. Some people like a dessert after a meal but a hot drink also goes well and can leave you completely satisfied. After dinner drinks go well with the dessert or instead of something sweet. Many after dinner drinks are hot and may have Amaretto, Bailey’s Irish Crème, Kaluha, or Grand Marnier in them and are an awesome way finish to your meal.

Hot Drinks

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Note: Hot alcoholic drinks are prepared in heat resistant glasses, and the alcohol must only be heated, but never allowed to boil or else the alcohol will dissipate. For a more quick hot drink, alcohol can be combined with hot coffee, tea, hot water, hot chocolate, hot wine, hot milk, or hot cream. If time permits, hit the alcohol prior to adding it to the drink. This will help maintain the drink’s temperature.

Everyone likes to have a good time with friends and part of that is often is having a few alcoholic drinks. This is normal but can become problematic when an occasional cocktail becomes excessive drinking. Alcoholism is one of society’s biggest problems. If you think you or someone you know might have a problem with alcohol, take the time to seek help, advice and treatment. There are many alcohol and substance abuse programs available and some are at little or no cost. Drinking has ruined the lives of many great people and many families in the U.S. and around the world. If you are under the legal drinking age of 21, please click this link. Please drink responsibly.