Marnier Chocolate Bonbon

A drink with chocolate bonbon in the title has to have something going for it. Add Grand Marnier and you have fine drink. Top with fresh whipped cream and you have something special. When you make this drink use a good hot chocolate such as Godiva or other Chocolatier.

Marnier Chocolate Bonbon Ingredients

  • 1 oz. Grand Marnier
  • 1/2 oz. Tequila (Don Julio Anejo preferred)
  • 3 oz. hot chocolate
  • Layer of fresh cream

Marnier Chocolate Bonbon Directions

The hot chocolate should be a rich full flavored hot chocolate, preferably milk based.

  1. add hot chocolate to Irish coffee mug
  2. stir in Grand Marnier and tequila
  3. layer fresh whipped cream on the top

Non Sequitur

What is a Bon bon – heaven on earth! Bon bon typically refers to a chocolate or a truffle confection. The term bon bon comes from the French and is actually simply a repetition of the word good. The bon bon to the French is a chocolate covered candy or truffle, often with a butter cream or fondant center. Sometimes bon bon merely refers to any candy, not necessarily covered with chocolate.

The first bonbons come from the 17th century when they were made at the royal court especially for children who were eating them and chanting bon, bon!, French for good, good!.

Bonbon is also a colloquial expression (as in, “She sat around all day eating bon-bons while her husband was at work.”). This sweet inspired Johann Strauss II to compose a waltz named, “Wiener Bonbons”.

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