Tijuana Taxi Mixed Drink Recipe

  • 2 oz gold tequila
  • 1 oz blue curacao
  • 1 oz tropical fruit schnapps
  • Sprite / 7-up
  • ice

tijuana taxi drink recipe

Tijuana Taxi Mixed Drink Recipe Directions

  1. add ice to highball glass
  2. add gold tequila
  3. add blue curacao
  4. add tropical fruit schnapps
  5. add sprite/7-up
  6. stir
  7. garnish with cherry and orange slice

Non Sequitur

Tijana Taxi
What most gringos say is a taxi — one you hire to take you to a specific place — is here called a “special” taxi, un taxi especial.

But when a Mexican in Tijuana says the word “taxi” or talks about riding in “los taxis,” he or she usually does NOT mean an especial. They are talking about the “route taxis” — los taxis de ruta.

Taxis de ruta are fleets of sedans and station wagons (the wagons can hold two or three more passengers than a sedan). They run on set routes all over town. Every route has its name and colors (some colors duplicate in different routes — ojo!). Most — not all — routes radiate from downtown Tijuana (“el centro”) and reach into the various suburbs and colonias of this sprawling city. If you walk around downtown and see lines of people waiting on different blocks to crowd into lines of taxis, well, you’ve just seen a route-taxi boarding zone. There are dozens of these boarding spots within a block or two of Revolution.

Taxis in each route (“ruta”) are painted with a particular color scheme, and each route can be called by two names: its destination and/or its colors. For example, to get to his girlfriend Maria’s house in La Mesa, Gringo Michael takes the Red & Blacks — los rojo y negros (or more simply “the reds” — los rojos) — which leave from 4th and Constitution and run out “the boulevard” (Agua Caliente Blvd., which then changes its name to Diaz Ordaz Blvd.) to La Mesa, 5 & 10, ending up at Presa or Clinica 27. These are most often referred to as los rojos.
Now you can take a ride in a tijuana taxi without having to go to Mexico by following the tijuana mixed drink recipe.

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