Jello Shots & Shooters

By far the most popular “shot” are the famed Jello Shots. These fun, and jiggly, party favorites come in many colors varieties and flavors. Pick one or all of the Jello Shot recipes below and make a few batches and try them out. There’s a reason Jello Shots are popular at any party…they are fun!

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Jello Shots & Shooter Recipes

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Jello Shots aren’t the only shots and shooters. Shooters make a great ending to any meal and a great way to kick-up the party after finishing dinner. Many are made by combining more or more liqueurs or cordials. These tiny sized drinks or usually made in small 1 to 2 ounce glasses. They are usually drank in one gulp making them easy to consume and fun for small or large groups. They are easy and quick to make and can be quit colorful. Pick a Jello Shots recipe below and make a shooter for friends.

Jello Shots are often put in 1oz or 2oz plastic cups for easy consumption. See all Jello Shot cups available. Many people use their tongue to scoop the jello from the edges of the cup. A less popular method, is to squeeze the Jello out of the cup. This method is usually reserved for drunk frat guys and should be avoided. There’s no word from the Jello company or Bill Cosby on how they feel about the fun people have with Jello. For the rest of us, Jello shots will be forever linked to good times and partying.

How To Make Jello Shots

Selling Jello Shots

Hot gals selling candy-colored shots to drunk guys – sounds easy, right? Well, it turns out there’s a little more to the formula than meets the eye. As it turns out, there’s an art to selling Jello Shots. The Wall Street Journal profiled a service that outsources these so-called “shot girls” to trendy Manhattan bars and clubs. Girls are trained in the 10 best practices of the trade, which are distributed to each new waitress-slash-promotions specialist on her first day of work. Unsurprisingly, the list includes practices like being as friendly, personable, upbeat as possible, and not spending too much time with a single patron or group of patrons. Following the practices, these mostly college-educated (hot) women rake in between $300 and $600 a night.


Drink (and eat) Responsibly

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