Boogie Monster Recipe

Cultures all over the world have a concept of a frightening figure who does bad things. In the U.S. that figure is often called the Boogie Man or Boogie Monster. And, he really is out to get you. Good luck sleeping tonight. Have a few cocktails, it’ll help.

The Boogie Monster recipe isn't as scary as the name would indicate.

Boogie Monster Ingredients

Boogie Monster Drink Recipe

  1. I'm a bartender with a very fine girlie Pam
  2. one day she dared me to stick/shove hypnotiq glowsticks up my nose
  3. later that evening we decided to make a shot that consisted of all drinks we found delicious and combined it into a drink
  4. we declared it the boogie monster to remind us how hot i looked with sticks that illuminated my beautiful face like an angel
  5. When taking the shot shove/ jam glowsticks up your nose.

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