Christian Killer Shooter

Have a few of these on Saturday night and you’ll be late for church. If you plan on having a few of these then you probably weren’t planning on going to church anyways, so have another. The Christian Killer Shooter was first served in a bar in Sacile, Italy. After serving the shots, the bartender lit the glasses on fire and put them out by covering them with his palms. The glasses stuck to his hands, which he lifted up. In Italian, the drink is known as an Assaninino Cristiano.

Everclear? Yep, the Christian Killer Shooter has Everclear, Bailey's and Creame De Menth. It has a great taste and a kick.

Christian Killer Shooter Ingredients

Christian Killer Shooter Drink Recipe

  1. Fill a shot or shooter glass halfway with Everclear or suitable substitute, preferrably 150-proof and up
  2. Add Bailey's Irish Cream
  3. Add Creme De Menthe
  4. Drink: in one gulp.

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