Drunken Stuntman shooter recipie

The most famous stuntman was Evel Knievel. He made hundreds of successful motorcycle jumps but is more recognized for his number of crashes. If you’re going to drink a drunken stuntman shooter, avoid jumping over 19 buses on a motorcycle. Note: It’s important to drink the shot quickly after you light it because otherwise the glass can heat up and burn you.

The drunken stuntman recipe is really just a tequila shot with lime instead of lemon.

Drunken Stuntman shooter recipie Ingredients

Drunken Stuntman shooter recipie Drink Recipe

  1. This shot is set up the same as a standard tequila shooter
  2. Sprinkle the salt on the hand you'll hold the lime with
  3. In the other hand, the book of matches
  4. Using one hand only strike a match and light your tequila shot on fire
  5. IMMEDIATELY afterward snort the salt
  6. Shoot the flaming shot
  7. Squeeze the lime in your eye (do so at your own risk, it may/will be painful).

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