Jello Shot Cups

Jello shot cups are used to hold the Jello Shot rather shot classes. This allows the Jello Shots to be made in mass quantities and have a lot less clean-up. The plastic jello shot cups also have the advantage of being disposable. When your partyers get drunk they can crush cups on their forehead ala-Animal House.

There are different types of cups, each have their advantages. Pick the one that fits your need.

Paper Jello Cups

Paper cups not may be the one of the more environmentally friendly options out there, but not the most practical. It’s easy to squeeze the Jello from the cups but if you’re not careful, the jello will leak out of the bottom. The main disadvantage with paper cups is that they can leak, leaving your fridge a mess and your cups rather soggy. If the environment is your main concern, Dixie Cups made with recycled paper are you best choice. Paper “Ketchup” cups also work (pictured).

Plastic Cups with Lids

Plastic Jello Cups are the most common way to serve and consume Jello Shots. The lids, while not necessary, help keep out dust and germs. The Jello will stick to the sides of the cup. There’s a certain technique to getting the Jello out of the cup. If not right, it can be very sexy (females only). If your tongue is flexible, you can loosen the Jello from the edges with your tongue and scoop the contents. This is the preferred method over squeezing the cup which usually results in a big mess and lost jello.

EZ-Squeeze Jello Shot Cups

EZ-Squeeze™ Jello Shot Cup, a unique, accordion-like shot-glass designed exclusively for jello shots. With its flexible design, the two-ounce squeezable cup does not crack or break when you squeeze the cup’s base and ease the jello shot into your mouth. Because it’s made of soft flexible plastic, the cup is pliable and can be either reused or disposed after one use! Optional space-saving custom fit lids are available, so you can seal em’ and stack em’ for easy transportation and store your tasty jello shots for later use.

EZ-Squeeze’s™ compressible design allows the cup to squeeze flat, so you can drink your jello shot without having to loosen up the jello with a finger or utensil. With just one slight motion, a drinker can raise their jello shot to the brim of the cup for easy, clean consumption!