Jello Shots Quotes

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If you’ve had Jello Shots, you know it’s a great way to get a party started! Here are some funny quotes from the crazy world of Jello Shots. Add your quote below.

“whoa, what’s in that?”

“I can’t get the lid off…oh there’s no lid”

“I’m getting hot where it feels good!”

Steve: “Red or green?”
Matt: “…all 3”

“Have a green one makes you horny”
– Mike

“aarggh! What’s in that?”

KT: “It fell down my shirt!”
Ryan: “I’ll get it!”

“my tongue is stuck”

“you know this is the quickest way to may pants!”

“Dude, you gotta try the green one. It’ll fuck you up.”

“I’m fucked up…gimme another one”

Corey: “How many did you make?”
Kat: “12 million”
Corey: “…you think it’s enough?”

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