Purple Passion Jiggle Jello Shots

This fun Jello Shot is tasty and unique. Kick up your Jello Shots with this fun variation.

Purple Passion Jiggle Jello Shots are made as if you're making normal Jello except some of the liquid is replaced with Amaretto and Vodka.

Purple Passion Jiggle Shots Ingredients

Purple Passion Jiggle Shots Drink Recipe

  1. mix the ingredients to make Jello mixture
  2. pour in 2 oz shot glasses or plastic jello cups
  3. refrigerate until set

Non Sequitur

The Purple Passion flower is a fast growing vine that can reach up to 20 feet or more. Both the fruits and flowers are edible on some varieties and many food items are made from the plant. The unique flowers are about three inches wide and they have several petals accented with a purple fringe. The wonderful fragrance this plant gives off resembles that of carnations.

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