Red Death #2

For the literary folks, The Masque of the Red Death was written by Edgar Allen Poe but you knew that. You also probably knew that Poe was a big drinker. He probably would have liked this recipe.

When the drink recipe has the work death in it, you know it's going to be good.

Red Death #2 Ingredients

  • absolut vodka
  • southern comfort
  • amaretto
  • sloe gin
  • triple sec
  • orange juice

Red Death #2 Drink Recipe

  1. Deposit suffecient ice in cocktail mixer
  2. Add Absolut
  3. Add Vodka
  4. Add Southern Comfort
  5. Add Amaretto
  6. Add Sloe Gin
  7. Add Triple Sec
  8. Shake well until very cold
  9. Strain into shooter or shot glass
  10. Increase quantity of each to make multiple servings.

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