The Gripper

The Gripper cocktail recipe relies on Jim as in Jim Beam and his friend Bailey as in Bailey’s Irish Cream to do it’s magic.

If you like whiskey shots, make this one. If you don't have a test tube, a regular shooter glass will do. Three friends Sean, Chad & Tom created this cocktail one night at a place called Trader Jacks in Eastlake, Ohio (a.k.a. Cleveland) around June 2007. Inspiration came from a summer of painting together and using a primer called Gripper on anything and everything. So, after getting high on Gripper fumes all summer and missing the feeling we knew we had to create a shot to cure our fix. It wasn't easy, i

The Gripper Ingredients

The Gripper Drink Recipe

  1. Layer chilled ingredients in order: Jim, Baileys, Jack then Red Bull
  2. Alternatively, chill the first 3 in a shaker
  3. Pour into the glass then top with the Red Bull.

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