Chocolate Banana Martini

Get a little wild with this Martini. This banana flavored Martini maybe what you need to have a crazy time.

A Chocolate Banana Martini is unusually for a martini.

Chocolate Banana Martini Ingredients

Chocolate Banana Martini Drink Recipe

  1. fill shaker with ingredients
  2. stir and pour into chilled martini glass
  3. add hershey's kiss or godiva chocolate liqueur for a garnish

Non Sequitur

The true origin of Bananas is found in the region of Malaysia. By way of curious visitors, bananas traveled from there to India where they are mentioned in the Buddhist Pali writings dating back to the 6th century BCE. In his campaign in India in 327 BCE, Alexander the Great relished his first taste of the banana, an usual fruit he saw growing on tall trees. He is even credited with bringing the banana from India to the Western world. According to Chinese historian Yang Fu, China was tending plantations of bananas in 200 CE. These bananas grew only in the southern region of China and were considered exotic, rare fruits that never became popular with the Chinese masses until the 20th century.

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