Mama Martini

A Mama's Martini is a nice evening drink.

Mama's Martini Ingredients

Mama's Martini Drink Recipe

  1. fill shaker with ice
  2. add stoli vanil vodka
  3. add apricot brandy
  4. add angostura bitters and lemon juice
  5. shake cocktail until cold
  6. strain into a chilled cocktail glass

Non Sequitur

In 1982, seven women met in a mountain cabin outside of Mosier, Oregon. They were concerned about the harm caused by the misuse and abuse of all drugs.

Frustrated by the emotional, narrow focus on illegal drugs by existing parents' groups and the government, they felt a need to address the broader issues of drug policy. Together, these women created the concept that was to become Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse (MAMA), with an approach based on personal responsibility and informed decision making, with respect for human dignity.

After nearly 30 years MAMA, directed by Sandee Burbank, has gained the respect nationally and internationally of those who seek a more comprehensive approach to drugs than zero tolerance. MAMA believes we must educate people so they can make informed decisions about the plethora of drugs available today, which are aggressively advertised and readily available. It is not enough to just educate the children. Adults too must understand this vast technology as it is their example which will most affect how youngsters approach drug use.

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