Tony Roma’s Chocolate Martini

This is a great Martini. Not sure if it’s exactly Tony Roma’s formula but it’s pretty good as it is. Give it a try.

If you've had this Martini at Tony Roma's, how does this compare.

Tony Roma's Chocolate Martini Ingredients

Tony Roma's Chocolate Martini Drink Recipe

  1. fill a drink shaker with ice
  2. add all ingredients listed above
  3. shake vigorously
  4. strain into a cocktail glass

Non Sequitur

Tony Roma’s over 30 years of history began when Tony Roma started a rib restaurant with his name in 1972 in North Miami, Florida. The friendly, casual atmosphere of the restaurant where guests can enjoy the BBQ ribs with their hands became widely popular and Tony Roma’s gradually made its way across the nation. Considered the pioneer of Baby Back Ribs, Tony Roma’s can now be found all over the world such as Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, England, Germany, Spain, China, Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia and Japan.

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