Virgin Screwdriver Recipe

Do you really need this recipe?

  • 6 oz orange juice

Virgin Screwdriver Directions

  1. set old fashion glass on flat surface
  2. strain pulp if desired
  3. pour orange juice into glass
  4. serve cold

Non Sequitur

During the Second World War, scientists invented a process for making concentrated orange juice. Soon, a frozen concentrate was developed that transformed orange juice production into a multi-billion-dollar industry. In 1967 the Florida legislature designated orange juice as the official state beverage.


  1. Marcio says:

    I have a doubt and that is really a challenge for me. I’m trying to discover why people call orange juice as virgin screwdriver and , What the point? what is the link with one side to the others? I can’t see nothing to put this idioms together… up till now, no answer found, If anybody could help me , I appreciate that,

  2. Novice Drinker says:

    Wow for such a simple sounding drink, that’s a really complicated recipe!! :O Like what kind of old fashioned glass do we need and how hard does the flat surface has to be? Also if we want pulp how much do we need to strain before we strain it too much or too little? And the two most important questions, what kind of orange juice (Sweet, blood, mandarin, clementine, etc) and what brand (Tropicana, Simply Orange, Sunny D, etc)!? How much of a difference would both make!?

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